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What do you think when you feel bliss? Perfect unicorns and rainbows in a place where we eat and don’t gain weight? That surely sounds awesome, and maybe we won’t be able to achieve that, BUT remember that happiness is a choice. Find Bliss is about an internal journey where we will let our interior shine! Once we feel good about ourselves as women, we will be able to shine and feel beautiful inside and out.


First of all, we have encounter ourselves with the real meaning of art; as a medium of expression and release. I can share millions of stories where I chose to let many of my feelings or ideas for myself. I was either afraid or ashamed or a horrible mix of both, and let say that is how I was raised. But years after, I couldn’t handle it anymore, and I enter a phase where I could not see pink around me anymore. Everything was darkened and dull. My interior was feeling dry and, really really sad. Here is where I found myself in the necessity to release.


The process of release can be different for all of us. Probably for you, the release might mean getting rid of something physical or even a toxic relationship. For me, it was simply talking aloud. So I will give some practical advice for the first step to find bliss: release

     1. Find a friend!

Let’s face it, we all need a good friend! Having a good friend is soo good for our soul, it is like pouring some water directly to our inner self. I am talking about a really good friend, the one that knows the flaws, the goofy, the ugly and the pretty. A good friend with whom you can be YOU, your true self. I know sometimes it is hard to open up at such levels because it means they will really know you, but that is the whole point! Open up at the level where you won’t leave anything inside.

Find Bliss

    2. Find an artistic way to express!

Our subconscious is like the sea. Immense and without end. Most of the time, we aren’t even aware of all the things that are inside of us, and we are just feeling funky, but we don’t know why. Exactly at those points, art comes to our rescue! It can be whatever! From painting, dancing, writing, drawing, …. this is how our soul lets all our frustrations out! You will give your inner self a voice to talk, and believe she talks either way, but once she has a way to talk, she will be more sweet and relaxed. If not, She will alter your mood, take energies out, and it will be more difficult in general for you to find bliss in the little details.

Find Bliss


{So we are sharing some poesy}


Sharing without explaining:

raw feelings in the making.

not processed, not a scam,

art make your magic and give whatever you want


Without filters,

I will let my mind have some time to free dance

Will this change anything?

Only if you dare to be the superhero that fights back.

As for me, I am only here to write.


We are going to let art make its magic

& share with you whatever you need to know right now

some recollection, some memoirs

blood, adventures, and tears that were in the past,

stories reflecting my deepest parts

and believe me, this is not for you, it is for what I will be left behind.


…ok, going back!

    3. Working out!

I know, I know, this is something that everybody knows, that cliche saying that is more difficult to do than say. But it really works! As humans with a beautiful and smart body, our wiring needs some release of oxytocin in order to decompress ourselves and let all the toxicity leave from us! It is more complex than simply stay in shape, it is a way of feeling comfortable with our own bodies that let us be good with our inner selves.

Find Bliss

    4. Take time for you!

Taking care of you has multiple steps and probably every season has a different focus. Maybe it is putting some lipstick on, wear the bold blouse, or follow a skin routine. Whatever it is, do it! As women we need time to take care of ourselves first so that we have a good parameter to love others. How will we love others if we don’t love ourselves? Whatever you feel in your inside, do it! Remember that happiness is a choice

Find Bliss

So be more intentional about these steps this coming week and share your results!


Find Bliss is aiming to be a community that looks for the pretty in every situation. A merely hard and difficult journey that doesn’t end. But, once in its road, life becomes so much sweeter and exciting! This is a collection of poesy, tips, thoughts, and forms of expression recollected to share with you our journey towards bliss. We want to know about your own journey? Please feel free to share!


We love you and wait for next week's blog!


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